New WhatsApp feature will let you track your friends’ location in real-time


WhatsApp appears to be working on a new feature that would allow users to track their contacts in real time.

Live Location Tracking, as it’s currently known, has been spotted in the beta version of the messaging app, both on Android (version 2.16.399) and iOS (version

With the feature, users will be able to make their current location visible to members of a group chat, allowing them to find each other more easily during meet-ups.

Users will have the option to enable Live Location Tracking for a limited period of time, with one-, two- and five-minute options available.

However, the feature is expected to be disabled by default when it arrives, presumably to assuage any anticipated privacy fears. WhatsApp users will need to manually opt in through the app’s Settings menu.

The messaging app already allows users to share a specific location with friends, but real-time tracking would represent an enormous step up. When exactly the features will graduate from the beta build is unclear for now.

WhatsApp is also rumoured to be working on a tool that would allow users to edit and even recall sent messages, in order to avoid potential embarrassment.

However, it would only work on messages that hadn’t yet been read.

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