POMM Founder, Ms Gila Fish, at the first meeting of Israel’s Association for Women in Businesses


Ms Gila fish, founder and COB of POMM, participated on the 22-2-17 in the first meeting of the Israeli Association for Women in Businesses, held at the Israeli Knesset and co-chaired by parliament members Ms. Tali Ploskov Merav Michaeli.

Also attended the meeting Israel’s Economy Minister Mr Eli Cohen, the Minister for Social Equality Ms Gila Gamliel and the Opposition leader Mr Isaac Herzog.
The Economy Minister said in his opening speech: “Only 20% of businesses in the country are held by women and they own only 8% of the country’s industry”.

The issues discussed at the conference included the 2-digit gaps in wages between women and men (45%) that are self-employed and the structural barriers causing this situation. The conference was initiated by Mr Eli Debbi and will be co-chaired by parliamnet members Ms Merav Michaeli and Ms Tali Ploskov.

MK Tali Ploskov: “I am not prepared to accept 2-digit gaps in earnings between women and men that are self-employed. Dozens of women who came here today- are a strong feminine force that can change things. The aim of this association is to inspire women to be independent and succeed in their businesses. Today we go out on a new path, I intend to involve the Israeli Government, members of the Knesset, and various opinion leaders to remove the obstacles and challenges women face.  I’m going to do everything possible to remove the barriers and to promote business opportunities for business women”.

MK Merav Michaeli: “Out of 2 billion NIS assistance to small businesses provided by the state, only 8% go to women. When men are asked if they skilled to be self-employed 50% say yes, while only 20% women answer positively to this question. The time has come to change this. An important part of this change is to recognize the economic value underlying housework and raising children. We have to measure and quantify these tasks so women are able to realize their potential outside the home. Until today this was transparent, we must recognize its economic value to drive change”.

The Economy Minister, Eli Cohen, said Israel is placed 21st in the world economy and should strive to be between the 15 strongest economies in the world. To achive this, we target to have women and minorities take a more active role in our economy.


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