Facebook tests new feature to stop people ‘catfishing’ and stealing profile photos


Facebook has introduced new tools to its users in India that aims to combat profile picture misuse.

Users can add a profile picture guard that prohibits others from downloading, sharing or tagging themselves by surrounding the image with a blue boarder and shield.

Another tool offers a range of unique overlays that can be added to the photo, as people are at least 75 percent less likely to copy a picture that is adorned with patterns.

Facebook has conducted extensive research into the India market and found that some users, a majority of which are women, do not upload an image of their face because they are concerned about what may happen to the photo.

‘Today, we are piloting new tools that give people in India more control over who can download and share their profile pictures,’ Aarati Soman, product manager at Facebook, shared in an announcement.

‘In addition, we’re exploring ways people can more easily add designs to profile pictures, which our research has shown helpful in deterring misuse.’

‘Based on what we learn from our experience in India, we hope to expand to other countries soon.

The social media giant has collaborated with a group of Indian safety organizations to develop two new tools to help users feel safer when using the platform.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4629654/Facebook-s-new-feature-stops-people-stealing-profile-pics.html#ixzz4maeTKNgT

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