About us

POMM develops groundbreaking biometrically authenticated and biosensor-protected privacy solutions, providing a selection of world-wide patented mobile solutions.

POMM is a US company based on Israeli technology. It received the prestigious R&D grant of the European FP7 fund, leading the critical part of the innovative PCAS secured mobile communication system development project. POMM R&D teams collaborate with leading companies and research institutes in the fields of mobile IT and ICT security.

POMMTM is an American-Israeli tech joint venture product line. With POMMTM, all operational capabilities of the commercial Android smartphone are kept intact. In parallel the users get an additional secure smart mobile device to securely store and efficiently manage all types of private data.


Unrivaled technology to solve one of the main pain points of our digital age: privacy & security of mobile data


Strong IP, multiple patents registered in the United States, Russia, Japan and other countries worldwide


Millions of mobile-phone users & companies are waiting for a solution for mobile data privacy & security


Gila Fish

Founder & Chairman

David Freidenberg


Avner Korman


Gila Fish
Founder & Chairperson
M.Sc, System Analyst for more than 30 years. An IT Management professional, active Director in Public companies.

Personal note: “I am a person deeply dedicated to the well-being of people & with this motivation I invented POMM – to keep our personal digital ID and data safe and theft-proof. I call you to back our revolutionary product – which has become a must these days”

David Freidenberg
MBA, 15 years of experience in executive roles in the IT & telecommunication industry including CEO, VP Sales & business development.

Personal note: “The grave consequences of our personal and business vulnerability in the digital space are just starting to be understood. With POMMTM we have an answer to this critical problem. This solution is going to change the entire market!” 

Avner Korman
M.Sc, MBA, 30 years of experience in building & managing Hi-Tech ventures.


Personal note: “Our teams have been working in close collaboration with POMM multi-national European FP7 R&D, engineering and software teams to create a solution that is really ground breaking. I’m excited now to reach the stage of offering it to the global markets”

Abby Drue
President and marketing strategist
PhD, 40 years of achievements & work experience in the international arenas of marketing strategy, communications and public relations