POMM for Healthcare!

POMMTM Medical Data management Solution for Smartphones

the Electronic Personal Health Record (PHR) Application

Securely manage your electronic PHR locally and remotely

POMM introduces a simple, patented solution attached to your smartphone, which enables to securely manage and store any sensitive information, including medical data. In addition, POMM provides encrypted communication with various healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, clinics, labs and more.

POMM offers the best secured mobile e-PHR (Electronic Personal Healthcare Record) manager, neatly attached to your smartphone. It is readily available for any medical data transfer with any remote service or data provider, meeting harshest communication and encryption needs.

POMM electronic protective case is the world’s first powerful microcomputer also functioning as a rechargeable battery. It is designed to be compatible with all leading Android and iPhone Smartphones.

A biometric and physiological security checkpoint

POMM has a built-in, integrated set of biometric and physiologic sensors to authenticate and monitor user’s state. It is designed to store, manage & access lifetime medical information, including clinical testing results, history, large imaging files like CT, MRI, ultrasound, heart echo, and more. It can be easily connected to any medical terminal at the hospital or doctor’s office.

POMM sophisticated Telemedicine application uses the built in physiological sensors to collect patient data in real time and send it, if needed, in case of medical emergency to the relevant medical emergency services.

When downloading medical documents, POMM system attributes keys to them and an intelligent algorithm classifies level of medical severity for the event, whether it is an update of a routine checkup health record, an emergency room level record, or a possibly life-threatening record, such as a new allergy or medicine allocated to patient.

POMM is a necessity – not an accessory!


Built-in protection & power-savings in a thin case

POMM provides a physical phone protection case solution adding extra battery operational life and 64-512GB added data storage, giving you the power to actually save, well manage and restore sensitive data, isolated on POMM while attached to the smartphone. The smart case one-piece design is comfortable and sleek and can charge up the case and smartphone simultaneously while communicating data to the phone, in parallel.


How does it work?

Easily secure all your medical and other sensitive data when using the smartphone with POMM.

POMM creates a combined secured biometric e-token and a Digital Safe attached to the smartphone and is invisible and inaccessible to hackers and malware. POMM content is shielded from any exposure on the Internet or Public Cloud Applications. POMM provides patented, combined built-in layers of security including dual-channel biometric authentication and physiological protection. At normal times, it provides unparalleled levels of security and privacy to its legitimate owner. However, at times the physiological sensors recognize a life threatening state, it provides access only to the medical data stored on POMM in order to save lives.

POMM is comprised of a unique, miniature, advanced quad-core SOC computer, embedded in a smartphone case and accompanied by POMM Applications, such as Telemedicine service that prompts patient emergency state to relevant medical services, secured storage of medical files, and more. It also arrives with POMM special applications for healthcare, such as classifying medical data, managing medicine prescriptions, managing chronic patient files, and more. POMM allows you to fully control and manage, locally and remotely, all your healthcare records while protecting you from falling victim to privacy breaches, ransom demanding malware, identity theft and cyber-attacks.


All data secure, all communication encrypted

Launch the POMM integrated secure App to manage and organize what is in POMM secure encrypted storage.

Rest assured all communication is encrypted and access to POMM is guarded by patented multi-layer biometric and physiological shielding algorithms.
The POMM secure multi-function application automatically organizes all files into isolated secured collections and makes it easy to promptly find and use any DB selectable stored item. Search passwords and secured contacts, retrieve, watch and manage sensitive medical and other data – all compactly stored in the POMM mobile case.

POMM can securely communicate with remote healthcare service centers through an encrypted channel managed by a set of dedicated POMM servers. The POMM, while integrated with an advanced version smartphone, can link to the Internet and to private Intranet networks via a secured Hotspot device.