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POMM @ CES2017

Top 10 Cyber and Personal Security Companies to Watch at CES 2017
The digital revolution has been a double edged sword for the security world…

CES 2017: The Most Innovative Trends to Watch for This Year
What with all the talk of hacking and cyber breaches in 2016 – from Yahoo! (YHOO) to Oracle (ORCL), and most sensationally, the DNC – it’s no surprise cybersecurity will be a major concern in 2017…

POMM Press Releases and Articles

i-BLADES and POMM Announce Smartblade-POMM-Pro, Securely Encrypt “Classified” Data with World’s Most Advanced Phone Case
Snap on the Smartblade-POMM-Pro to your smartphone to deliver unprecedented levels of secure encryption to meet the data security needs of businesses and governments

POMM Unveils New Android and iPhone Biometric Authentication Security Case 
Customers Will Receive All-Day Power, Six Times More Built-In Local Encrypted Data Storage as Well as Secured Apps…

POMM Could Save You from the Next Massive Data Breach
POMM could be the simple, affordable answer that protects you from the next massive privacy and security data breach

Informative Q&A with POMM Technologies on Tools to Protect Yourself
Equities had an opportunity to interview David Freidenberg at POMM creating a wide ranging Q&A

Articles and Analyst Reports

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Techtarget Article: How mobile biometrics can strengthen security
The eye-opening reality: iris scans, and other biometric authentication methods, will soon be used for enterprise mobile security, phasing out the old username and password…

Techtarget Article: Why is a layered mobile security strategy best?
With security hazards around every corner, IT must know where to draw lines of defense. A best practice is implementing layered mobile security…

The power of a trustworthy information society must be based upon individuals empowered with full control over their personal data…

ABI Research – Digital Security Sector

Pomm is aiming to monetize consumer insecurities regarding smartphone hacks and cloud breaches by introducing POMM…

TechTarget Bitpipe Trust Gap Survey
Mobile privacy expectations 101: What enterprises need to know…

How To Get Smart About Your Mobile Security Practices
When the first IBM Simon smartphone debuted about 20 years ago, only a few could have imagined…

The Cybersecurity Risks of BYOD: Are You Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your Company?
Major companies are encouraging employees to use their personal Apple or Android devices under BYOD…


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